5 Letter words with ‘H’ as second and ‘R’ as Fourth Letter, List of words with _H_R_ Letters


Here is the list of 5 letter words with ‘H’ as 2nd letter with R as 4th Letter that will help you to solve today’s wordle puzzle and keep your strike up.

Instead of looking at the 5 letter words in the English dictionary that Have specific letters in the Second & Fourth Place (_?_?_). This article will help you to locate the word of 5 letters with Second letter H and Fourth letter R. If today Wordle or any word-related puzzle game contains these letters (_h_r_) in a Given position and you are at the loss of words to guess don’t worry. You can try out the list of words mentioned below to solve the wordle game and find out the correct answer.

All 5 Letter words with ‘H’ as Second, ‘R’ as Fourth Letter- Wordle Hints

Here is the list of all English five-letter words that contain these (HR) letters in Exact position i.e H as the Second and R as the Fourth letter. There are many five-letter words in the list so you have to figure out the words that do not contain today’s word or are in misplaced positions. Eliminate the words that do not fit for your possible solution and in that way you can easily narrow down the full list.

Tips: Try to use the words that contain most vowels or commonly used English words.


5-Letter Words with H as 2nd and R as 4th Letter  List

  1. ahuru
  2. chara
  3. chard
  4. chare
  5. chark
  6. charm
  7. charr
  8. chars
  9. chart
  10. chary
  11. chere
  12. chert
  13. chord
  14. chore
  15. churl
  16. churn
  17. churr
  18. chirk
  19. chirl
  20. chirm
  21. chiro
  22. chirp
  23. chirr
  24. chirt
  25. chiru
  26. khors
  27. mhorr
  28. phare
  29. pharm
  30. shard
  31. share
  32. shark
  33. sharn
  34. sharp
  35. sherd
  36. shere
  37. shero
  38. shire
  39. shirk
  40. shirr
  41. shirs
  42. shirt
  43. shore
  44. shorl
  45. shorn
  46. short
  47. shura
  48. tharm
  49. thars
  50. there
  51. therm
  52. third
  53. thirl
  54. thorn
  55. thoro
  56. thorp
  57. thurl
  58. uhuru
  59. whare
  60. wharf
  61. where
  62. whore
  63. whorl
  64. whort
  65. whirl
  66. whirr
  67. whirs

That is all possible 5-letter words that Contain H as 2nd and R as 4th letter. Hope our list helps you to find the wordle or 5 letter puzzle answers that you are working on. Explore our Wordle Section to find more hints!


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