BGMI 2.1 Update Schedule- Install BGMI Latest Version on IOS/ Android Device




We are truly excited to bring the July Update to you!

Here’s the schedule for distribution of the 2.1.0 Update version on July 14th.



[Update Version Distribution]


– iOS (Apple App Store) : July 14th (Thu), 16:00


– AOS (Google PlayStore) : July 14th (Thu), 12:30 ~ 18:30

> It’s an estimated time of completion; depending on circumstances the time may vary


* As client is distributed gradually, there may be difference in time by devices on getting the update.


* We recommend installing in a wi-fi environment if possible when updating as lots of mobile data can be consumed.


* We will notify you if the distribution gets delayed or completed early.

* Check out the latest patch notes from our YouTube video


[Update Caution for Android 12 Devices]


When entering the 2.1.0 update version for the first time on a device using Android 12 version, error message ‘Unknown error. Please restart the device and try again. Error code: 3’ pops up and if touched ‘Try Again’, resource gets restored, but need to download additional resources.


When done downloading the additional resources, you can access the game normally. But as the additional resource files are big, for those who are using a device with Android 12 version, please install in a wi-fi environment and not with mobile data.


After getting into the lobby, additional resources like maps need to be downloaded. Please maintain the wi-fi environment until all resources are downloaded.


* How to check Android 12 version on your device

Go to Settings of your device > About Phone > Software information > check if Android version is 12


We apologize for the inconvenience. If there is any further information, we will update you soon!





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