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Integrated Urban And Rural Development Programs(I.U.R.D.P) is started with aim of providing employment to rural people whose are unemplpoyed and looking for step ahead in their life. by this program we will make lives of rural people more standarise and economically up and making huge changes in rural area by diversified projectes. Integrated Urban And Rural Development Programs (By Association For Rural Health- Reg No. F/20191) Started with various rural areas to provide four factor development including Economically, health, wealth, vast life upgrading of that areas people.

Our Influx Project:
“Rural Health Program”
This Program is for rural peoples whose health is in prior level and making them disease free by Insubstantial worth.
“Mission Jivdaya”
This Mission is mainly for animals which are suffering from injury or any disease in this project we works with rural and also in urban areas with our volunteer.
“Yuva Self-Employment”
This Program is for literate unemployed whose seeking for employment we make them self employed.
“Computer Literacy Program”
This Project Is For Rural candidate whose are not appropriate in computer technology we provide technical cognition for those people.
“Farming Loan”
We provide the loan for rural areas farmers for their basic requisite in farming.
Our Forthcoming Project:
“Jankalyan Yojna”
This yojna is for people whose can not afford the medical, accidental and other insurance. We will provide them insurance in various terms with consequence value.
“Women Empowerment Program”
This Program will excess the life of rural women in all areas and empower them to eventuate self employed.
“Education Loan”
We will Provide the loan for adroit students from rural for further study in country and foreign study.
There are so many project will be await in our organization for all extent.

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